Tvoje Rezervace

–UX/UI/product owner

Tvoje Rezervace is a beauty management app that offers detailed customer and finance statistics. It’s also calendar with orders organization and integrated POS system.

I'm working on mobile/desktop application that helps to solve daily problems of beauty professionals.

The application is primarily targeted at beauty professionals, that is B2B. In close cooperation with selected industry professionals, we have prepared the basis for a functional wireframe.

We are constantly looking for solutions that helps grow an application and endlessly testing usability:

–Strategy and user research
–Product design
–Frontend and backend implementation
–iOS and Android app design and development
–Continuous product development

We are responsible for the development of the overall product, maintaining a smooth running system and support for clients.

Product owner/UX/UI: Filip Hudák (me)
Scrum master: Jakub Oktávec
Back-end dev.: Vladimír Krejčí
Back-end dev.: Radim Vajchr

Front-end dev.: Dominik Dvořák

We want the app to be available to all users, regardless of the device they use. Of course, the application is primary
made for Android and iOS and there is also web–based solution.

We have developed the versatile parsing of payment terminals and POS printers.

00421—915 257 656