Elvys - Mission critical communication

–Corporate identity
–Schema design
–Product UI


Since its establishment in 1991, Elvys has been focused on designing and producing professional radio communication systems designated for critical situations and environments.

If you've ever gotten into the situation when you were in need of assistance from the police, firefighters, maritime or rescue services in Poland, Czech Rpublic or Slovakia, it might have been used one of Elvys's devices.

In collaboration with the Elvys technical team, I created a visual style, GUI software and a web page.

In the past, the company has used the symbol of the signal, which clearly shows at the first-hand the segment in which the company is experienced, and that is telecommunication.

The symbol has been preserved and shifted visually to make it more contemporary.

The main problem was the visibility of the type, and the type, itself occupied many of the remaining places. The problem was found in all sorts of cases, both in print materials and on digital devices.

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